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Pocket Oxford English Dictionary

Pocket Oxford English Dictionary - Tenth Edition
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Description Publication Date: September 22, 2005ISBN-10: 0198610297ISBN-13: 978-0198610298Edition: 10The Pocket Oxford English Dictionary tenth edition is an updated and fully revised edition of the best-selling Pocket Oxford English Dictionary ninth edition. Particularly suitable for students of secondary-school level, it is also a handy dictionary for the home and office. It covers all the words you need for everyday use, and has excellent coverage of curriculum vocabulary. For the new edition the definitions are clearer than ever before and there is lots of help with those aspects of the language (such as spelling, pronunciation, and usage) which cause most difficulties.In particular, there are hundreds of new spelling notes to help with tricky words that are commonly misspelled, extra usage notes giving advice on good English, and more help with pronunciations of difficult words. A new open design ensures that this dictionary is even more accessible and easier to use than ever before.
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