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English for all - Book 1

English for all - Book 1
- Roy Narineshingh
- Bhadase Seetahal-Maraj
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Description ISBN: 978-976-8194-70-1Author: Roy Narinesingh, Bhadase Seetahal-MarajPublished: Datazone Ltd.First Published: 2006 English for All – Book 1 is a first year secondary level course book designed to develop and improve students’ communicative competence.The text comprises fifteen (15) units. It adopts a thematic approach which serves as anintegrating element for the core components: reading comprehension, poetry, narrative, written expression, grammatical structures, vocabulary and the mechanics of language (spelling and pronunciation, punctuation and capitalization).English for All – Book 1 incorporates a range of strategies such as group work,individual work, whole class instruction and independent learning. These strategies makelearning interesting and enjoyable.
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