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Creative Writing - Foundations & Models

creative Writing - Foundations and Models - Grades 5&6 Standards 4&5
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Description Author:  Jamie Gangoo, B.A.John Hagley, B.A.Publisher: Reginald CharranISBN: 9789768235299 The Creative Writing Series engages students through activities that require higher-order thinking skills. Students gain self-evaluation and self-reflection skills through teacher and peer modelling. Furthermore, instruction of genres and their features add to students’ knowledge base for classroom applications and the wider world. These instructional threads intricately and inextricably interweave together to create a program that prepares students to become independent and proficient writers. Rather than teach writing in isolation, the program requires students to integrate their Grammar, Usage and Mechanics (GUM) skills in the writing process to create successful writings. This is because eighty-five years of research point to the lack of transfer from isolated grammar instruction to language development (Simmons & Carroll, p. 371). The series is process oriented, with students applying higher-order thinking skills, such as analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and synthesis as they progress through each lesson. This approach to instruction is supported by research. Asignificant research-based report, Writing Next: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing of Adolescents in Middle and High Schools (Graham & Perin, 2007), discusses and recommends eleven features and strategies for an effective writing curriculum. These features and strategies include writing strategies, summarisation, collaborative writing, word processing, and sentence combining, which are all incorporated in the series.
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